BRISC School Referral Club

The BRISC School Referral Program is an exciting opportunity for any school that participates to continuously raise funds for the school by passing out a BRISC-assigned unique referral code especially assigned to that school. The school staff can pass out the code to anyone and everyone: parents of the school, family members of the staff, etc. For every client with whom I close a deal that brings me a referral code from your school, I will donate 20% of my commission to the school

The school staff can spread their referral code far and wide to get as many people as possible to hire Brian Carnesecchi with BRISC Michigan Real Estate as their Realtor.

To learn more about the BRISC School Referral Club Program, fill out the form on the right and I will contact you as soon as possible.

*(Schools do not receive a donation through the BRISC School Referral Program from staff members of their school closing a deal unless that staff member does not take advantage of the BRISC Thanks Teachers program).