BRISC Thanks Teachers

As a licensed secondary teacher who taught for 7 years, I am excited to offer this great program to teachers.

Your Exciting Offer for Educators!

When a full time educator (teacher, para-pro, administrator, or homeschooling parent) buys or sells a home with me, I will make a classroom donation to the educator’s classroom equal to 10% of my commission.

If my educator-client (defined as a full time teacher, para-pro, counselor, social worker, administrator, office secretary, or resource officer) does not have his/her own classroom, then they may elect the classroom donation to be given to another classroom teacher, or to the school itself.


So not only do educators benefit from my professional experience and expertise, but educators have the added benefit of receiving a classroom donation from me as your realtor.


In celebration of the kickoff of this new program, the offer below takes place of the offer above and expires on January 15th, 2019:




Any full time educator (classroom teacher, para-pro, social worker, administrator, school office secretary, or homeschooling family) who hires me as their realtor and gets under contract on the sale of real estate between now and January 15TH, 2019, and closes on the deal, I will make a classroom donation equal to 25% of my commission.

To learn more about how to benefit from the BRISC Thanks Teachers Program fill out the form on the right or call me at 734-968-4283

*(Schools do not receive a donation through the BRISC School Referral Program from staff members of their school closing a deal unless that staff member does not take advantage of the BRISC Thanks Teachers program).